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95% employment 2019

“Outstanding dedication to teacher training”

 “By the end of the course trainees are very  skilful teachers.  As a result, rates of employment are consistently high”

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Here you can find information to take you through the entry requirements, the pre-course tasks and the application process for School Direct and core primary training.  To register your interest please use our contact form to upload your CV and a brief personal statement.

Durham SCITT is committed to equality of opportunity and welcomes applications from all potential trainees regardless of age, gender, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability, political or religious belief, or socio-economic class.

Apply online at:  www.ucas.com/apply/teacher-training

We do not accept direct applications, but please get in touch if you have any questions about the application process.  You will need the following information to apply:

Institution code name: DSAS         Institution code: D87

School Direct is delivered in conjunction with our primary partnership.  The partnership consists of 17 schools, all of which are dedicated to providing the best possible training experience, to enable you to achieve QTS.

When applying for a primary School Direct place through UCAS, you will find the following primary schools listed under the Richmond Partnership umbrella:

Byerley Park, St Michael’s, Sugar Hill, St Francis’, West Cornforth, Heighington, Vane Road, Shincliffe CofE, St Oswalds CofE and Bishopton Redmarshall

The following primary schools are listed under the St Bede’s umbrella:

St Joseph’s, St Patrick’s, St Patrick’s Consett and Lingey House

The following schools are listed under the Prince Bishops Teaching Schools Alliance umbrella:

Benedict Biscop Church of England Academy (Lead Primary)

St Paul’s Church of England Primary School

Cleadon Church of England Academy

Richard Avenue Primary School

Blue Coat Church of England Junior School

St Peter’s Elwick Hall Church of England Primary

Hart Primary School

St Oswald’s Church of England Primary School

St John’s Church of England Aided Primary School

If you need any further information then email:  info@durhamscitt.co.uk Or telephone: 01325 308918 and speak to Lesley Mulholland, our School Direct administrator.

Application Process How to Apply School Direct - Primary Application Process School Direct - Primary Core Primary Entry Requirements Interview Process Pre-course activities Funding The Course

The course is full time and runs from September until the end of June.

The centrally based training is delivered by highly skilled practitioners from our Partnership Schools as well as SCITT staff, producing highly reflective trainees with a very good understanding of how children learn. There is a strong emphasis on giving you the knowledge and understanding to secure pupils' progress in the core subjects, English, science and mathematics.

The course  will also enable you to improve your knowledge and understanding of other

subjects in the curriculum.  For course entry code, click HERE.

Entry Requirements

School Direct and core:

2.2 or higher honours degree (or equivalent - please get in touch if you have a third or ordinary degree, as we consider individual circumstances).
GCSE grade C or above in English language, mathematics and science.
Additional GCSE's showing a good spread of curriculum subjects.
At least 2 A levels

Please note:

As a general rule of thumb, if your degree classification is 2.2 then the following additional requirements will apply:

GCSE grade B or above in English language (please get in touch if you have a grade C).
GCSE grade C or above in mathematics and science. Other GCSE's required showing a good spread of curriculum subjects.
2 A Levels at grade C or above.

References will be required in all cases, as will a well written personal statement.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the entry requirements.

For further information please email:  info@durhamscitt.co.uk

Partnership Schools Interview Process

Once your application has been passed to us from the UCAS we must decide whether you are a suitable candidate via our selection process.

The selection process is as follows:

A teaching task (at one of the partnership primary schools for School Direct applicants).

Formal interview (at one of the partnership primary schools for School Direct applicants).

A written exercise

A numeracy exercise

The teaching task

You will be expected to teach a topic chosen from the list supplied.

The formal interview

You will be asked a series of questions which will allow us to assess your knowledge and understanding of recent educational issues, your personal skills and attributes and your decision to enter the teaching profession.

Numeracy and Literacy Test

Any offer of a place will be conditional on passing a literacy and numeracy skills test prior to commencing the course.  

The written exercise

The written exercise will be used to assess your ability to communicate in standard written English.

Copies of these are kept electronically so that large print versions can be made available on request. If required additional time will be allocated for the completion of the written exercise and audits.


The decision to make a final offer will be based on:

A high score on the teaching task.

A high score on the interview and a satisfactory score overall.

Qualitative comments made by the interviewers.

Evidence of sufficient subject knowledge from the skills audit.

Evidence of the ability to read effectively and use written Standard English from the

literacy task. Further consideration of qualifications, predicted grades, personal

statement and references. Consideration of any specific extenuating


Pre-course Activities

The more preparation done prior to starting the course the more successful the training will be. (Please note that some activities may be conditions of any offer.)

Possible pre-course activities:

Spending time in a Primary School (core and School Direct)

Reading educational books

Subject booster courses

Reading subject specific books

Watching Teachers’ TV programmes

Familiarise yourself with current educational issues

Funding Top Top Top Top Top Top

Click HERE for information about bursaries, fees and Maintenance Loans.


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Our school is always such a very busy place! Each and every term is different and this term, like every term, is full of fun and adventure.  Visits are being planned and staff continue to develop our curriculum to make it exciting and challenging. Currently, pupils study Topics each term and we hope this helps them make good connections in their learning.  Byerley Park Primary School is, as always …' Learning and Growing Together.’

Partnership Schools - School Direct

Clicking on a banner will take you directly to the website of the school.


Sugar Hill aims to provide a happy, caring, secure and stimulating environment where everyone, irrespective of race, age, position, gender, background or ability feels valued and where pupils are encouraged to learn and achieve to their full potential as responsible citizens.

St Francis’ is a caring and welcoming school that has a strong Christian ethos. We are very conscious that each child goes through the primary phase of their education only once, and so must ensure that each child works hard to achieve their potential. We provide a clearly structured framework of balanced learning opportunities for our pupils so they can develop into confident, independent young people.

Our school nurtures the very best in each individual, providing a high standard of learning. Our Christian values encourage care for all, mutual respect, responsibility and strong partnerships between school, home and church. This school is very special, and it produces special people, both staff and children.

For further information about School Direct applications, please contact   Lesley Mulholland on: 01325 308918

St. Joseph’s is a learning community where the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and physical development of the children is nurtured and developed, in a secure environment, based on Gospel values of God’s kingdom, revealed through Jesus and the teaching of His church.

St Patrick's is a successful, innovative and happy school on the outskirts of Dipton.  Our children are well behaved, eager to learn and are supported by a team of hard working, talented and dedicated staff.  Our pupils not only achieve excellent results but also excel in art, sport and music.

As a Catholic school, we value each child as a precious gift from God. We do our best to ensure that all children flourish during their time with us; developing a thirst for learning, thriving as unique individuals and achieving their full academic potential.

We encourage all children to be positive, responsible and considerate young people who can work cooperatively with others. We aim to teach them to be confident, resilient and independent learners.

Our school is a Catholic (Voluntary Aided) Primary School, for children from 4 up to 11 years of age and we currently have 161 children attending our school. At All Saints' we value each child as unique individuals whose full potential can be developed in a community which has Christ at its heart. We aim to foster a strong sense of faith and belief in our children and we encourage all of them to help others, not only in our school, but in our local community and in areas of need around the world.

At West Cornforth Primary School we believe a child’s education is tremendously important and involves a partnership between home and school. It is vital that all parties work together to realise your child’s full potential.  The school serves the residents of West Cornforth and immediate area. The Foundation Stage Unit admits pupils who live in West Cornforth, and other local  villages such as Coxhoe and Bishop Middleham

Our mission at the Academy is to create a safe, stimulating and happy learning environment within which all members of our school family realise their potential, aspiring to excellence in all aspects of life, in the light of the Christian faith. “A tangible sense of the joy of learning pervades the school” (Ofsted 2012)

Vane Road Primary

Heighington School

Delivered by our outstanding partners at St Michael’s in Bishop Middleham and Benedict Biscop in Sunderland

Partnership Schools Chilton Academy and Cleves Cross

Chilton Academy