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96% employment 2017

“Outstanding dedication to teacher training”

 “By the end of the course trainees are very  skilful teachers.  As a result, rates of employment are consistently high”

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Our Science courses have been developed by a Science Advanced Skills Teacher. The Subject Specific Course will enable trainees to demonstrate: secure subject knowledge; the ability to plan lessons and sequences of lessons,  encompassing a variety of personal learning styles.  Physics input is provided by a Local Authority advisor.

Science with Chemistry / Biology / Physics Mathematics

The course focuses on Key Stage 3 and 4 (11 - 16 year olds). It was originally developed by an Advanced Skills Teacher and Local Authority representative.  It is now delivered by a maths specialist from our lead school.  The course aims to produce reflective teachers who are able to evaluate and further develop their own subject and teaching skills.

1. Training at Teesdale School

2. Observing Science teachers

3. Chemistry in action - common classroom practicals

4. A day working on misconceptions in Science

5. Investigating how Science can be taken out of the classroom

6. A day at the Science Learning Centre in Durham

7. Biology: using the School environment as your classroom

Throughout the course trainees will have the opportunity to work with others to solve mathematical problems, reflecting on their work and the nature of mathematical activity, considering how best to provide an environment for effective learning of mathematics.  Sessions will focus on issues related to the mathematics classroom e.g. misconceptions, rich tasks, dynamic computer software and how children learn.  Trainees will develop the ability to invent creative ways of exploring traditional areas of mathematics and critically evaluate resources for the teaching of mathematics. Trainees will examine what the mathematics teaching community is saying, doing and writing, working to enhance knowledge and understanding in mathematics.

This course focuses on Key Stage 3 and 4 (11 - 16 year olds). This course has been developed by a Local Authority inspector and is delivered by a History teacher from one of our partner schools.  The History course aims to develop teachers who are confident in their subject knowledge and use a wide range of strategies to enthuse students, helping them to make progress and achieve.

English History Health and Social Care Geography Art and Design MFL PE

Art and Design is run by a Head of Department from one our local Partner Schools.  The course will give you a solid foundation of the knowledge, understanding and skills required to become a successful Art & Design teacher and have a rewarding career.  

During the course there will be training at Bishop Barrington School which is one of our partnership schools in Bishop Auckland.  Trainees will have the opportunity to work with Primary schools on an Art and Design project, will have the chance to participate in trips and work with art specialists on different skills. Trainees develop their knowledge an understanding of the new Art and Design curriculum, through conducting research assignments and lesson observations. Professional understanding of the requirements of being a teacher, including behaviour management strategies and how to support pupils with varying needs.

This course focuses on Key Stage 4 and 5 (16 - 19 year olds)  The training specifically involves:  practical concept-based training, which enables trainees to develop practical strategies for teaching Health and Social Care in the Secondary and Further Education sectors. In the Subject Specialist sessions, student teachers examine and explore key concepts that underpin the various curricula and syllabi for Health and Social Care.

Subject Specialist sessions are delivered by an English teacher who is a current outstanding practitioner.  This ensures trainees will get up to date advice on subject specific teaching and learning, and the most effective ways of making this outstanding within the classroom.

Working with the new National Curriculum framework, the trainees will be taught how to develop students’ historical understanding, such as their ability to measure significance, make judgements on cause and consequence, change and continuity, interpret a variety of historical sources, have an understanding of chronology, as well as being able to express ideas clearly and concisely. You will gain primary experience through our Historian in residence programme.

Through the process of observation and team teaching opportunities trainees will develop the ability to communicate key geographical concepts and skills such as map reading skills and the ability to analyse and evaluate data within both the human and physical disciplines of the subject. Trainees will also have the opportunity to be involved in field trips as an essential aspect of the Geography curriculum.  You will gain primary experience through our Geographer/Historian in residence programme.

Geography offers unique opportunities for students to improve their subject knowledge and understand their place in the world. It is a broad subject that allows students to develop their practical, analytical, creative, evaluative and problem-solving skills.  The course has been developed, and is delivered by, an experienced Geography specialist.

English is undergoing change in schools, with an evolving National Curriculum and new assessment requirements at GCSE. Studying English at the Durham SCITT will enable you to receive the training, support and expertise to facilitate your transition from trainee to qualifies teacher.  The course encompasses all aspects of English teaching: English Literature, English Language, Media Studies and using ICT to support your teaching of English.

The MFL course has been developed by a current teacher of Modern Foreign Languages.  The course will enable trainees to enter an exciting and challenging new career teaching young people to communicate in French or Spanish.

During the Subject Specialist sessions, trainees will develop their  subject knowledge of the Modern Foreign Language(s) in order to teach across the full ability and age range.  Trainees will practise a variety of teaching strategies and use a variety of resources (including ICT) selected appropriately to include differentiation across the ability range.  They will learn how to plan lessons effectively within schemes of work, taking into account the National Curriculum and Key Stage 3 Strategy.  Trainees will also develop classroom management techniques to promote good behaviour and a positive learning environment.

The course has been structured to enable trainees to become effective teachers of Physical Education for pupils in the 11 – 16 age range with enhancements to post-16.


The Subject Specialist sessions aim to develop PE teachers who are reflective, independent, self-critical and creative and who can guide the learning of others confidently, taking into consideration all areas of diversity. In the process trainees will develop an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the key processes of PE, not only how teachers teach but how children learn. Trainees will also  consider the most effective approaches to teaching and learning and how progress is assessed. There will be opportunities to organise, and participate in, trips and take part in extra curricular activities.


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The course ensures trainees are up-to-date with the current GCSE and A level specifications.  ICT and Computer Science are particularly interesting subjects to teach and students show enthusiasm for them. You will extend your subject knowledge to cover the subject content needed to teach a wide range of ICT and Computer Science courses to students and develop ways of introducing new topics. You will also learn how to plan and teach effective lessons that cover a wide variety of modern software and hardware, as well as becoming familiar with the ICT and Computer Science Curriculum in schools and colleges.

possible we use project-based Design and Technology teaching, reflecting real identified needs and following the format of a design process. Your degree should include a significant element of design and technology, such as product design, textiles or engineering, and your skills should be adaptable. Topics are tailored to your needs and you will be able to broaden your skills and knowledge base to become a competent and confident design and technology teacher.

This course focuses on Key Stage 3 and 4 (11 - 16 year olds). This course has been developed, and is delivered by, a teacher from one of our partner schools.  The Computer Science course aims to develop teachers who are confident in their subject knowledge and use a wide range of strategies to enthuse students, helping them to make progress and achieve.

This course focuses on Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.  The course has been developed, and is delivered by, a recent Design and Technology practitioner.  It is an exciting subject and an exciting time to be a member of a school design and technology team.  This course is your opportunity to equip young people with the necessary skills to develop their understanding of design and new technologies. Wherever

In Subject Specialist sessions trainees learn  about aspects of professional practice which are central to their work.  These include:  pastoral care, behaviour management, meeting the needs of individual pupils and groups, and pupil assessment.   There are also opportunities to visit local resource facilities, organise a trip for a group of students and visit Durham Prison.

Subject specialist input by Michael Summers, Specialist Inspector for Music - Durham Music Services